About Amy

As a mother of three, I understand how overwhelming pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood can feel and and I believe it is necessary to have support!

I received my Master of Science in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology from Bastyr University, a leading institution for natural health education. I believe that wellness is holistic and requires attention to our emotional, physical, and spiritual selves.

I value authenticity and imperfection and am committed to working with you as a non-judgmental and collaborative partner.

Learning how to respect and nourish my body has dramatically enriched my life, and it’s why I started Embodied Wellness—to help women reconnect to themselves, make peace with food and nourish their bodies and their babies.

Amy’s specialized training includes:

  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

  • Eating Disorders

  • Gottman Certified Bringing Baby Home Educator


  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LH60439747

  • Certified Nutritionist, NU60298350

Amy as a new mom to 3-week old Maya.

Amy as a new mom to 3-week old Maya.