nutrition and counseling for peace with food

You can live freely in your body and enjoy food.


Sadly, most women in the modern world don’t feel good enough when it comes to weight and body image. We live in a culture that places value on unrealistic body ideals, and with a diet industry that preys on the insecurity and fear of others. It’s no wonder many women have spent most of their lives trying diet after diet to feel better about their bodies, only to be left feeling angry, discouraged and still confused about what to eat!

I have had my own food and body struggles and I know how limiting it can feel to be ruled by the relentless “shoulds” and “should nots”. Eating does not have to be so complicated and it does not have to be loaded with guilt and shame.

I work from a non-diet, Health at Every Size perspective to help women develop more positive relationships with food and their bodies. I will help you feel empowered and comfortable in your own skin and to trust that you are capable of nourishing yourself with food.

Return to yourself for guidance, listen to and honor your own body’s needs. 

Make peace with food and regain pleasure in eating.