• Nutrition and Wellness Counseling for Moms
    Nutrition and Wellness Counseling for Moms

    I understand how exhausting it is to be a mom and how easy it is to put your own wellness needs last. Together we will clarify your wellness goals, identify specific action steps and move toward deeper vitality and health, so you and your baby can be happier.

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Amy Kovner

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Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it can bring up lots of questions about health and wellness. I understand what it’s like to want to better nourish myself and my baby.

I also know it can be exhausting to be a mom and how easy it is to put your own wellness needs last.

I am no stranger to food and body struggles and I believe that a healthy relationship with food is a foundational piece of a woman’s wellness.

Learning how to respect and nourish my body has dramatically enriched my life, and it’s why I started Embodied Wellness–to help women reconnect to themselves, make peace with food and nourish their bodies and their babies.

My academic background in both nutrition and mental health is unique in combining food-body science with empathy, compassion and an understanding of motivation and behavior change. Together we will clarify your wellness goals, identify specific action steps and move toward deeper vitality and health for you and your baby.

Let’s create your plan.

  • Certified Nutritionist
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • Certified Bringing Baby Home Educator
  • Education:
    • MS in Nutrition from Bastyr University
    • MS in Clinical Health Psychology from Bastyr University
    • BS in Psychology from University of Oregon
    • BS in Anthropology from University of Oregon


For Moms-To-Be

Pregnant women often want to make changes in their life to best nourish themselves and their babies. I can help you learn where to start.

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You might feel tired, stressed about the future, or uninformed, despite the intention to be more mindful of the pregnancy process and connected to baby.

This is why I offer one-on-one thoughtful, compassionate, individualized nutrition and wellness counseling focused on prenatal issues – a space for reflection and mindfulness as you transition into motherhood.

What kinds of changes do you want to make for yourself as you enter this new phase of life? How do you envision yourself as a mom? What kinds of changes do you want to make for your baby in utero? Get in touch and let me know.

I’ll help you feel more connected to your baby and connected to your own nourishment. Feel empowered and strong, as well as grounded and at ease, both throughout your pregnancy and as you move into childbirth and motherhood.

For New Moms

For new moms feeling exhausted, depleted, or stretched too thin taking care of a baby, there is hope. Feel more connected to your own nourishment and therefore able to give more of yourself.

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If you’re a new mom who wants to feel better, more energized, and healthier so you can feel more engaged with your family, I can help.

I understand what you might be going through as I experienced many of the above feelings after giving birth myself. I’ll support you to feel more engaged in your own self-care and to have more energy to connect with your baby.

In coaching, we’ll talk about your postpartum wellness – How to take care of yourself when you’re taking care of a baby. How are you getting your own needs met? What changes do you want to make in order to support your vitality?

Feel empowered and strong, as well as grounded and at ease. Don’t let yourself continue to feel lethargic and disengaged.

Call for a free consultation today to get started: (253) 225-0142

For Infants & Toddlers

Do you have an infant starting on solid foods, or a toddler learning to eat? Help your child become a great eater!

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If you’re at all concerned about the nutritional adequacy of your child’s food intake, I understand, and I can help.

It can be very confusing to start feeding your child solid foods and doctors appointments tend to be too short to cover all your food related questions. New parents often feel they’re lacking the education and understanding about eating skills and competence. Meal times become a power struggle, and your child’s nutrition might suffer.

But it doesn’t have to.

Through one-on-one coaching for parents, without the rush of your doctor’s office, your children can become competent eaters from the earliest age. Address anxieties and concerns about solid food introduction, pickiness, eating behavior, etc. and learn to trust in your child’s own intuitive understanding of food and eating.

Feel more relaxed and at ease during meal time. Enjoy watching your baby learn to feed him/herself. Witness your baby begin to achieve autonomy and competence with eating. Trust your baby to develop attuned eating.

Call for a short (free) phone consultation, schedule an appointment, come in for coaching, and start seeing your child’s eating flourish: (253) 225-0142

For Peace With Food

If you’re someone wanting to let go of the food and body struggle, feel more energy, more vitality, and more engaged in meaningful things, you can. And I can help.

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Sadly, most women in the modern world feel not good enough when it comes to weight and body image. We live in a culture that places value on unrealistic body ideals, and with a diet industry that preys on the insecurity and fear of others. It’s no wonder many women have spent most of their lives trying diet after diet to feel better about their bodies, only to be left feeling angry, discouraged and still confused about what to eat!

I have had my own food and body struggles and I know how limiting it can feel to be ruled by the relentless “shoulds” and “should nots”. Eating does not have to be so complicated and it does not have to be loaded with guilt and shame.

I care deeply about helping women develop more positive relationships with food and their bodies. I will help you feel empowered and comfortable in your own skin and to trust that you are capable of nourishing yourself with food.

Return to yourself for guidance, listen to and honor your own body’s needs. 

Make peace with food and regain pleasure in eating.

How It Works

Your journey towards embodied wellness doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s how it works:

1. Call

Call for a short (free) phone consultation. If it sounds like a good fit, we’ll schedule your first coaching appointment.

2. Come In

Come in for your appointment! Your thoughtful, personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions will begin.

3. Start feeling like yourself again.

Start feeling more nourished, grounded and connected.







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50 minute session $120

$300 per month includes:
2 in-person sessions
2 phone check-ins
light email support in between sessions

Phone Sessions

I am available for in-person sessions on Fridays and Saturdays and phone sessions by appointment.

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