Feeding your infant or toddler

If you’re at all concerned about the nutritional adequacy of your child’s food intake, I understand, and I can help.


It can be very confusing to start feeding your child solid foods and pediatrician appointments tend to be too short to cover all your food related questions. New parents often feel they’re lacking the education and understanding about eating skills and competence. Meal times can become a power struggle, and your child’s nutrition might suffer.

But it doesn’t have to!

Through evidenced-based educational coaching sessions, your children can become competent eaters from the earliest age. Address anxieties and concerns about solid food introduction, pickiness, eating behavior, and learn to trust in your child’s own intuitive understanding of food and eating.

Feel more relaxed and at ease during meal time. Enjoy watching your baby learn to feed themself. Witness your baby begin to achieve autonomy and competence with eating. Trust your baby to develop attuned eating.